Granny's Fit Fork

Granny’s Fit Fork- Comfort Food with a Conscience


The primary seedling for the birth of Better Than Granny’s was a focus on becoming healthier.  We all often grab comfort food, for it is fast and convenient. There is little time to prepare the proper meals required for maintenance of our health.  As busy individuals, the owners often searched for casual healthy food choices in the community and found that the availability was limited. Therefore the concept of Granny’s Fit Fork came to mind.


Granny’s Fit Food is comfort food with a conscience. Perhaps most important of all, is that the Cuisine at Better Than Granny’s reflects the interpretation of Comfort Food with a Conscience.  Comfort Food is the food that makes us feel good.  With every single item within the basic formula (bread, vegetables, and meats) is capable of being tweaked, and enhanced just a smidgen to yield a better variation on the basic theme to ensure a healthy dish. 



This healthy concept is provided on Better Than Granny’s menu.