About Us

As a family we have been catering breakfast, lunch and dinner for local business and families in excess of ten years. In addition to catering family reunions, legacy, wedding & graduation celebrations, community & festival events, and parties.  The owners, have deep Bahamian and low-country island roots. What they often hear, when serving the meals they prepare, is this is better than my granny’s, or this taste just like my grandmas. There hence the name Better than Granny’s. This Café’ is located in the heart of Spring Lake. Better than Granny’s cuisine comes from generations of family recipes in addition to other dishes created by our chef, who also enjoy low country cooking and eating. Better than Granny’s is family focus, the majority of our business relations are family businesses, including the usage of local family distributors for our meats and seafood and local seasonal produce is used and as much as possible is made from scratch.