Welcome to Better Than Granny’s-Comfort Food With a Conscience.   Located in a modest suite in Spring Lake.  Better Than Granny’s is already a local favorite.  Each day business owners, military personnel, local government employees, students, retirees, teachers, and daily labors, and many others gather to create a community that is uniquely Better Than Granny’s.  Some come for the Granny's “Back in the Day” era.  Others come to enjoy the conversation with our friendly staff.  Each individual comes for the creative taste of home cooking found at Better Than Granny’s.  We do things the old-fashion way, but we seek to ensure the meals are healthier than Granny’s.  Try our delectable homemade red-velvet waffles and jumbo wings, our loaded shrimp and grits, as well as our chicken and shrimp gumbo.  Our breakfast of smoothies, salmon cakes, fresh fruit and liver pudding, are not to be missed!  Come join our celebration of great food, good people, and a bygone era. 



Better Than Granny’s is more than café.  




Breakfast will not be the same once you have experience it at Better Than Granny’s! We use the freshest, most wholesome ingredients.  Here we crack our own eggs, wash, and roast our own vegetables! Come and try the meal and you will taste the love in every bite!


At Better than Granny’s every meal is made fresh with produce and meats that are personally selected.  Each recipe is designed to capture the essence of comfort food with a conscience.  Our meals are prepared when ordered, to ensure each meal is delectable and appetizing.